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24x7 Car Roadside Assistance

Car Breakdown Roadside Assistance Services

Car breakdown is never planned, and during any roadside emergency the car owner is helpless in terms of getting his car repaired to get it moving.

MFCS offers the Roadside Assistance Package – a 24x7 emergency support provided in the event of any mechanical/electrical breakdown or traffic accident of the vehicle. This ensures hassle-free service to the customer in the event of a car-breakdown. Roadside Assistance package provides a range of services and solutions during unforeseen events of breakdown or emergencies.

Key Benefits:

  • Breakdown Assistance - MFCServices

    Assistance over phone

    Breakdown Support
    over Phone

    If your car is stuck, our experts will guide you step-by-step for a self assessment and analysis of your car.

  • Accidental Towing Assistance - MFCServices

    24/7, 365 days a year roadside assistance

    24/7, 365 days a year roadside assistance

    If your car has met with a major accident and is immovable, we will help you to tow your car to the nearest workshop or legal authorities.

  • Nationwide Assistance - MFCServices



    If your car has met with a major accident and is immovable, we will help you to tow your car to the nearest workshop or legal authorities.

  • Mechanical Towing Assistance - MFCServices

    Towing to MFCS Service Centre

    Towing to MFCS Service Centre

    Whether it is a major engine breakdown or mechanical problem, we will help in towing your vehicle to our nearest workshop.

  • Onsite Repair for Minor Work - MFCServices

    On site repair
    for Minor work

    On site repair for Minor work

    So what if you cannot take your car to a workshop, we will get the workshop to your car for all minor repairs and faults, right then and there.

  • Key Replacement - MFCServices

    Replacement/ Locked or Lost keys

    Replacement/ Locked or Lost keys

    We are the key to replacing your car keys in an instant. If your keys are lost or are locked in the car, we'll be there to provide you with new ones instantly.

  • Flat Tyre Support - MFCServices

    Flat Tyre Support

    Flat Tyre Support

    Let a flat tyre not deflate your mood. We will provide you complete support for your tyres in case there is a puncture or loss of air pressure.

  • Battery Jumpstart - MFCServices

    Battery Jumpstart

    Battery Jumpstart

    We help jumpstart your car batteries in case there are faulty or dead because we believe that your journeys should never stop.

  • Fuel Delivery - MFCServices

    Wrong Fueling /
    Fuel Delivery

    Fuel Delivery or Wrong Fuelling

    Run out of fuel or filled the wrong fuel? No sweat; we are there to deliver you with the right fuel at the right time.

  • FAQs



(Avail any 2 services in a year)

In city traffic condition it normally takes us 45 mins to an hour to reach but depending on traffic this can vary. In case you are not within city limits then this is dependant on your distance from the city

We will service all your breakdown calls. Your safety convenience and our first concern. However you can call us out 3 times in one Membership year without incurring any call-out charges.
Each car you own needs to be covered separately. The HelpFirst membership Package is for a particular Car registration number.
It depends on the trouble, we make our best effort to repair it on site. We're able to help over 20,000 people a year.
Yes you can. In fact it is one of the best Gifts that you can give someone you really care about. It is indeed smart to be safe right. Provided you know their car registration number, chassis number, name and address, you can gift
In case of towing services, Service Provider shall provide the same on chargeable basis
Yes, regardless of your type of cover, with HelpFirst, it is the car that is covered. In case the Car is covered we will come out to you. It does not matter whether you are the driver or passenger of the vehicle you registered when you bought cover.