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This Privacy Policy applies to the activities of Mahindra First Choice Services Ltd. and its affiliates (referred to as "MFCSL" in this policy).

Any person logging on to or using the site ("the Visitor") has unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions of use and these constitute a binding and enforceable agreement between the visitor and the MFCSL.

The information on this website is presented as general information and no representation or warranty is expressly or impliedly given as to it accuracy, completeness or correctness. The visitor is presumed to have read the terms and conditions of the website and is deemed to have agreed, understood and accepted unconditionally all the terms, conditions, procedure and risks of logging onto the website and cannot claim, at anytime, ignorance of any or all of them. All relationships of any visitor of this website wheresoever's situated is governed by and in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of Mumbai, India.

This Privacy Statement explains why we collect the information and how we use personal information and comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act. If you have further questions relating to this policy please contact us on toll free no 1800-22-4008or write to our Customer Care Officer at Mahindra Automotive Sector, SSBU Building, Near Yellow gate, Akruli road, Kandivali (East), Mumbai 400 101 or e-mail at

1. Collecting information about you

This Privacy Statement explains how we handle personal information you share with MAHINDRA FIRST CHOICE SERVICES business. We may obtain this information through MFCSL website, MFCSL social media properties, vehicle-related consumer websites, events, promotional activities and through our customer call centers. It also applies to information about you and your vehicle that MAHINDRA FIRST CHOICE SERVICES obtains from MAHINDRA FIRST CHOICE SERVICES affiliates and other sources such as companies that provide lists of potential service users.

MFCSL collects personal information in many parts of its business. These includes but not restricted to:

  • MFCSL website and social media properties, events, promotional activities and through our customer call centers.
  • MFCSL affiliates, credit card bank partners, and insurance companies
  • Other sources such as companies that provide lists of potential service users.
  • MFCSL collects information on individuals when they book their services, in order to process the transaction and to fulfill booking requests with service centers.
  • MFCSL also collects general business information relating to employees, contractors, shareholders and service managers.

This policy explains the main features of MFCSL use of member and customer information and does not outline in detail the use of contractor and employee information. Under the Privacy Act, there is a general exemption from the coverage of employee records.

2. Using and disclosing your personal information

Information about you or your vehicle may be used to respond to your requests for service brochures, to customize and improve communication content, or for marketing, brand promotion or product research. It may also be used to provide you with helpful offers and information on MAHINDRA FIRST CHOICE SERVICES products and services.

MFCSL may also share personal information collected with our suppliers for the exclusive purpose of providing services (for example, mailing information in response to your request for a service request or to follow up on your query or complaint or to conduct a research or feedback survey) and with our business partners to conduct joint marketing programs with MFCSL. It may also be shared in connection with the sale, transfer or financing of a significant part of a MFCSL business.

MFCSL will not share information about you or your vehicle with other third parties for their independent use without your permission.

MFCSL will not otherwise use or disclose any information about you without your consent, unless:

  • Required by law or statute.
  • To protect the rights, property or personal safety of another MFCSL member, any member of the public.
  • The assets and operations of the business are transferred to another party as a going concern.

When you provide your personal information to us, MFCSL will give you the choice as to whether or not you wish to receive further information about special offers, promotions, and changes to our products and services. If you indicate that you do not wish to receive these, we will not contact you further for these purposes. Please allow 28 working days for your request to be processed.

3. Service providers

Like many businesses, MFCSL uses a range of service providers to help us maximize the quality and efficiency of our services and our business operations. This means that individuals and organizations outside of MFCSL, such as mail houses, will sometimes have access to personal information held by MFCSL and may use it on behalf of MFCSL. We require our service providers to adhere to strict privacy guidelines and not to keep this information or use it for any unauthorized purposes.

4. MFCSL and marketing activities
MFCSL manages communications with members, prospective members and customers according to its privacy policy. We respect individual's choices about being contacted for marketing purposes. We may occasionally contact you at the e-mail or other address that you provide to us in order to:

  • Remind you of your membership renewal or warn you of the upcoming expiry of membership benefits.
  • Provide you with updated information about our services or special promotions.
  • Provide you with other information about other products and services which you may have an interest in.

Some of this information is necessary as part of our communication about the MFCSL program and is sent to all members. However, if you are receiving promotional information from MFCSL and do not wish to receive this information any longer, you may remove your name from our list either by calling us on our Toll Free Number 1800-22-4008,or write to our Customer Care officer at Mahindra First Choice Services, Mahindra Automotive Sector, SSBU Building, Near Yellow gate, Akruli road, Kandivali (East), Mumbai 400 101 or e-mail at and asking to be removed from our mailing list. Please allow 28 working days for this request to be processed.

5. For our web site users

MFCSL is committed to high standards of data security with respect to information collected on our site. We offer SSL encryption, the industry standard security measures for transactions made over the Internet.
New technologies are emerging on the Internet that help us deliver customized visitor experiences. We may use cookies and other tracking devices on our websites. Using cookies on our sites provides benefits to you, such as allowing you to maintain your account login information or contact information on forms between visits, or locating a nearby dealer. The use of cookies also allows us to measure site activity to provide a better user experience. Cookies and other tracking devices may be used to tell us the time and length of your visit, the pages you look at on our site, the site you visited just before coming to ours, and the name of your Internet service provider.
Our use of this technology does not mean that we automatically collect additional information about you. We might be able to ascertain what type of computer you are using, but beyond that, our use of cookies is designed only to provide you with a better experience when using our websites.
For more information about these new technologies on our websites please call us on our Toll Free Number 1800-22-4008, or write to our Customer Care Officer at Mahindra First Choice Services ltd, Mahindra Automotive Sector, SSBU Building, Near Yellow gate, Akruli road, Kandivali (East), Mumbai 400 101 or e-mail at

6. You can access the information we keep about you

If at any time you want to know exactly what personal information we hold about you, you are welcome to access your record by writing to us at Customer Care Officer , Mahindra First Choice Services Ltd., Mahindra Automotive Sector, SSBU Building, Near Yellow gate, Akruli road, Kandivali (East), Mumbai 400 101 or e-mail at Our file of your information will usually be made available to you within 14 working days. For security purposes confirmation of your identity will be required prior to supply of this information.

7. Changing and deleting the information we have about you

If at any time you wish to change personal information that is inaccurate or out of date, please contact us and we will amend this record. If you wish to have your personal information deleted, please let us know in the same manner as referred to above and we will take all reasonable steps to delete it unless we need to keep it for legal or statutory reasons as mentioned in Clause 2.

8. Storage and security of your personal information

MFCSL endeavors to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information which we hold about you, and to keep this information accurate and up to date. MFCSL uses a sophisticated computer data network, and all access to the computers and system devices are password controlled. Employees can only gain access to data if they are authorized,. We also require our employees and data processors to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by MFCSL. Data is secured in a secure data centre environment, We use sophisticated detection and intrusion technologies to ensure that there are no network security breaches.

9. Geographic Scope of Site

MFCSL controls and operates this web site from India. Unless otherwise specified on or by this web site, this web site is intended to promote only those Mahindra First Choice Services that are sold by Mahindra First Choice Services in India and its territories, and Mahindra First Choice Services makes no representation that materials in this web site or the products described thereby are appropriate or available for use in other locations. All visitors to this web site are responsible for compliance with all Indian laws applicable to them with respect to the content and operation of this web site.

10. What to do if you have a problem or question

If MFCSL becomes aware of any ongoing concerns or problems concerning our privacy practices, we will take these issues seriously and work to address these concerns. If you have any further queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or you have a problem or complaint, please contact us on our Toll Free Number 1800-22-4008 or write to our Customer Care Officer at Mahindra First Choice Services Limited, Mahindra Automotive Sector, SSBU Building, Near Yellow gate, Akruli road, Kandivali (East), Mumbai 400 101 or e-mail

11. Future changes

Our policies may be reviewed and revised. Changes to MFSC's Privacy Policy will be made by posting an updated version of the policy on our website, also we request our visitors/members to consider the updated policy displayed on the this web site only.

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