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The all-new O'Buddy Hotspot turns your car into a 4G speed Wi-Fi hotspot to help you stay connected on the go. Apart from operating as a Wi-Fi hotspot, this powerful OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) and GPS solution allow you to track your car in real time, remotely monitor car health and get insights to help save fuel and drive safe. Super easy to use, just plug the O’Buddy device to your car's OBD-II port and use O’Buddy mobile App to get all insights at your fingertips.

  • Fast In-Car Wi-Fi

    4G speed Wi-Fi hotspot in the car for up to 10 mobile devices connectivity. Turns on automatically with the car and no charging/battery needed.

  • Ensure Safe Driving

    Monitors instances of over-speeding, engine idling, sudden acceleration, hard braking and over-revving.

  • Real-Time Car Tracking

    Know your car location in real time. See accurate driving path and the current speed of your car. Easily review all past trip details.

  • Car Health Report

    Keep track of your vehicle's maintenance needs including battery, coolant and engine diagnostics trouble codes.

  • Location Notifications

    Set places of interest such as your Home or Office. Get notified on your mobile when your car reaches or leaves that place.

  • Save Fuel

    Know exactly how your car performed. Track fuel mileage for each trip and get insights to save fuel.

  • Anti-Theft Alarm

    Set up alarm that notifies you in case your car is started or towed during the alarm period.

  • Access from iOS, Android and Web

    Access your car's data on the O’Buddy Mobile App for Android/iOS or O’Buddy Web Application for fleet owners.

  • Great for Personal Car Owners

    Now everyone in the family can enjoy reliable, high speed Internet while traveling in the car. Just bring your own Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet or laptop and get connected automatically to the fast internet, automatically as the car starts.

    No hassle of separate charging or battery to keep the Wi-Fi going. Insert your 4G enabled SIM (from any operator of your choice) into the O’Buddy Hotspot and share 4G internet with all your family and friends in the car

  • More Business for Commercial Car owners

    Differentiate from other taxi fleet providers by offering in-car Wi-Fi to your clients. Generate additional revenues by charging for this high speed, always on internet connection. Control Wi-Fi remotely and charge based on time or data volume consumed.


Apart from providing the GPS feature which helps you keep track of your car in real time, we provide a list of additional features that are enabled by the OBD (onboard diagnostics) feature in the O’Buddy GPS device.

By Installing O’Buddy you will have access to the following benefits.

Save Fuel

  • Track Mileage (km/liter) for each trip
  • Mileage information along with the driving alerts that impact mileage help you save fuel
  • More accurate and comprehensive driving behavior alerts as compared to GPS
  • Over speeding
  • Engine Idling
  • Sudden Acceleration
  • Hard Braking
  • Over Revving

These alerts help in safer driving and more fuel economy driving.

Car Health Report

  • Low Battery Voltage
  • High Coolant Temperature
  • Engine diagnostics trouble code
O’Buddy is compatible with all the cars which have an OBDII port. Most of the cars manufactured post 2008 have an OBDII port. The location of the port may vary from car to car but it is typically found above the pedals.

O’Buddy OBD GPS device uses standard OBDII Protocols to read the data from the OBDII port of the car.
Hence it has no impact on the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

O’Buddy can record your car's data anywhere in India. It uses 2G (GPRS) connectivity to send your car location and condition data in real time to the cloud.
Thus, you can track your car using O’Buddy if your car is in a location with 2G network coverage.

In such a scenario, your car data is temporarily stored inside the device and is sent to the O’Buddy cloud server when the connection becomes stable again

  • Your car data is securely stored in O’Buddy
  • Cloud server uses Industry Standard Information Security to protect the information
  • Each car being tracked with O’Buddy is provided with a unique device ID and device password. Only those who have access to both the device ID and device password will have access to the car data.

Yes, O’Buddy is a plug and play device that enables you to use it across cars. You can plug out the device anytime from one car and plug into the other.
In the O’Buddy App, you can use the Delink device and Link device options in the Settings screen in order to maintain separate information in the app regarding your two cars. Please contact us for more details.


When you receive the MFCS O’Buddy device, the box will contain a subscription terms document. You can send us the signed document by email or WhatsApp along with your address proof and ID proof copies.
On receiving these, we will send you your unique O’Buddy Device ID and password for you to start using the device.

When you receive the O’Buddy Device, the box shall contain a brief installation guide to help you get started. Here is a quick summary of the steps:

  • Find OBDII port in your car
  • Plug O’Buddy Device into the OBDII port
  • Install and Sign Up for O’Buddy App on your mobile
  • Set up your car details and link it to the O’Buddy Device using the O’Buddy Device ID and Password.
  • Start Driving and see your car location and other information in the App

Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to complete the O’Buddy Hotspot installation process.

  • Find OBDII port in your car
  • Plug O’Buddy Hotspot Device into the OBDII of your car
  • Switching on the ignition, O’Buddy would activate the wifi in your car, in order to access the wifi kindly input the wifi SSID and WIFI Password provided
  • Install and Sign Up for O’Buddy App on your mobile
  • Set up your car details and link it to the O’Buddy Device using the O’Buddy Device ID and Password
  • Start Driving and see your car location with other information in the App.


It is through MFCS website itself. The payment methods are via Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking. Click the ‘Buy Now’ tab above and you will be redirected to complete further process.

    OBD (On-board Diagnostics), GPS Tracking device with Wi-Fi Hotspot for cars

  • Features

    In Car Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity, Vehicle Tracking, Location Notifications, Driving Behavior, Car Health and Anti-theft features. Compatible with wide range of vehicles.

  • How it Works

    Plug O’Buddy Hotspot Device into the OBDII of your car. On switching on your car, ignition would activate the Wi-Fi in your car. Access Wi-Fi on your mobile device using the Wi-Fi SSID and Password that will be provided to you.

    The device sends car location and condition data to O’Buddy Cloud via a cellular network. View your car’s data and insights from O’Buddy Mobile App on your mobile. Install and complete the signup process in O’Buddy App on your mobile using the MFCS O’Buddy Device ID and Password that will be provided to you. Start Driving and See your car’s Location and other information in the App.

  • Mobile App

    O'Buddy Mobile App is available for Android (on Google PlayStore) and iOS (on Apple AppStore).

  • Subscription

    One year of subscription to O’Buddy Mobile App included. The customer is responsible for the 4G SIM purchase and ongoing 4G SIM data charges. Annual subscription fee for the second year will be Rs. 1200 (plus GST).

  • Warranty

    12 months Device Warranty.

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