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MFCServices offer an elaborate Running repair service to deal with all the damage or part replacement requirements that your car may require. We believe in the right inspection, right spare parts & right billing, to always give you the best. Running repairs involve repairs associated with Brakes, Suspension, Electrical, Engine, Fuel System, Steering, Transmission, and much more.

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FAQ In Jharsuguda

Why should I choose myTVS (MFCSerivces) in Jharsuguda ?

MFCSerivces is India’s largest multi-brand car servicing chain with over 500 workshops. We offer quality spare parts, services executed by skilled technicians, and a pick-up & drop service.

Where can I book my service with MFCServices in Jharsuguda ?

You can use our service center locator on our website and book your appointment directly.

Can I choose an MFCServices service center of my own choice in Jharsuguda ?

Yes, you can. But some factors like the availability of spare parts, serviceability, etc can create issues, so it’s best to use our website to find a service center.

How are MFCServices different than other car servicing centers in Jharsuguda ?

MFCSerivces is India’s largest multi-brand car servicing chain with over 500 workshops. We offer the best car servicing solutions at the most affordable rates.

Is there a Pick up and Drop service available at MFCSerivces in Jharsuguda ?

Yes, it is. We always put our customer’s convenience first.


Google User Sadaf Khan
(Google User)

"myTVS exceeded my expectations in both the quality and the range of services given. Reasonable price and timeliness of their work is the icing on the cake. Strongly recommended. "

Google User Amol Katkar
(Google User)

I live in Pune and was visiting ISKCON Temple at Mira Road with my family when my car developed symptoms of jerking. This was the closest service center. Seeing my urgency, the manager was with me in minutes. In 15 minutes I was back on the road with a car in perfect condition.

Service guide

Prevention is always better than cure. And that, wholly explains MFCServices’ Periodic Maintenance Services. This service aims at the prevention of car breakdowns and failures. Regular vehicle maintenance helps optimize the performance, reliability, safety and durability of the car, while ensuring a good resale value.

Through regular vehicle inspections and maintenance, the overall performance of the vehicle can be optimized. In addition, it helps avoid more expensive repairs that one may need to incur in the near future. With MFCServices’ Periodic Maintenance Services, begin to save more. Considering the future expenses you may incur due to unforeseen car trouble, now is the time to begin to think smarter.

To utilize your vehicle to its maximum potential, regular vehicle maintenance is required.If inspection and maintenance is avoided, it may have drastic results with respect to sudden cost incurring damages.

Below mentioned are various checkpoints for your Regular Car Maintenance:

  1. Battery and Cables
  2. Engine and Gearbox Mounting
  3. Dashboard Indicators
  4. Brakes
  5. Coolant
  6. Air Filter
  7. AC Filter
  8. Hoses
  9. Wheel
  10. Steering Fluid
  11. Wiper Blade & It’s Working
  12. Drive Belts
  13. Engine Oil and Oil filter
  14. Transmission fluid
  15. Suspension
  16. Spark Plugs
  17. Fuel filter
  18. Exhaust System
  19. All Lights
  20. Door Mechanism and winding working
  21. Tyre Inflation and Rotation

MFCServices’ Multi-brand Approach

MFCServices’ Periodic Maintenance Services provide a comprehensive range of services to keep your car running smoothly. The above mentioned multi-point inspection help maintain cars of various brands namely, Mahindra, Hyundai, Maruti, Honda, and TATA. Inspections at MFCServices’ Workshops ensure proper functioning, smooth running and longer shelf life of your car. The model and make of each car is different. MFCServices understands that and prescribes regular check-ups at varied intervals, according to your car’s needs.

Why choose MFCS?

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At MFCServices, our experts give you a detailed report and understanding of which service your car requires and why. We assure 100% trust and reliability so that you won’t have to worry about the car or billing once you give it for repairs.

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Being a multi-brand car service facility, we give better rates than the OEM workshops. We resolve to always give our customers a quality car service at the best prices possible.

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Quality Spare Parts

At MFCServices, we only use authentic and quality spare parts. May your car be of any brand, we have got the right spare parts for every brand. You also get a warranty on those spare parts.

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Pick up & Drop Facility

We always try to put your convenience first! Where ever you might be, MFCServices will reach you to collect your car, service it and drive it back to your home!