How Hot Your Car

How Hot Your Car Can Get When Parked

Whether you're taking your car for a quick errand or a even for a road trip, it's important to understand just how quickly the temperature inside a parked car can rise over time during the summers.

Given below are some points which should be kept in mind when the sun is at its peak-

  • Roll down the windows and always turn on the blower before your enter your vehicle to eliminate all the accumulated heat in your vehicle.
  • While driving, avoid using the AC every time as it tends to heat your engine.
  • Avoid using leather seats during the summers as they tend to heat faster.
  • During summers, never drink water kept in your vehicle for long as the plastic eliminates gasses and contaminates the water.
  • It is advisable that you never leave your children or pets in a parked car as they cannot handle the extreme heat and are more prone to hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia is a medical emergency when the body produces or absorbs more heat which can lead to a brain damage, kidney failure or even death.

Hence always take care and be a little cautious the next time you enter or use your vehicle that’s been parked for hours.