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Question: While Climbing hill the temperature indicator is showing very high( Only one point is left) if I am riding in 2nd gear. But in the flat surface if I drive in 100Km/hr continuously 4 hr only 2 points in the panel. Spanner symbol also glowing some time but not continuous at the time of start

Answers: When you are climbing the hill, you drive in a low gear with a higher gear ratio since there is more load on the engine ( the engine has to carry the vehicle weight along with passengers & load if any against gravity ) due to which more torque is required & hence temperature gauge shows the engine is operating at very high temperature. When you are driving on a flat road in high speed, you are in generally 4th gear or in 5th gear (lower gear ration or overdrive) where there is no excessive load on the engine(no gravity) & less effort is required to drive the vehicle. Temperature gauge gives an idea of the engine operating temperature and hence can avoid engine overheating problems. Spanner symbol light is basically the maintenance minder light which will inform the customer when the scheduled preventive maintenance service is due next time in your vehicle. If the light comes on during starting, it is natural.

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