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Question: My Innova has crossed the 180000km mark. But now whenever i rev the engine, it emits a lot of black smoke even after the oil has been changed. Can you assist me as to what the issue could be.

Answers: This problem is not related to your oil change. Since your vehicle has driven 1.8L kms, please check the following : - Dirty or worn injectors - Faulty injector pump - Dirty air cleaner - Turbocharger or intercooler faulty(i.e. not enough air to match the fuel) - Problems within cylinder head, valves clogged up due to faulty EGR (exhaust gas recirculation unit) - Incorrect timing - Incorrect valve clearance - Incorrect air/fuel ratio - Low cylinder compression (e.g. sticking piston rings or worn components) - Restricted induction system (e.g. system too small or kinked inlet piping) - Excessive carbon build up in combustion and exhaust spaces.

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