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Question: I own a mahindra logan Petrol 2008 model with 50K kms. I'm not getting the same performance as before and the mileage has dropped from 12/13/14 to 8/9 per/L in city. Can you suggest any reason? - Engine oil, Timing belt, Spark plugs, air filter changed 6 months back - Tyres changed 2 weeks back

Answers: Logan Petrol 2008 model paid service details ask any outlet for scanned copy of OM. Pls check the following : · Oil filter to be replaced · Fuel filter to check · Injectors cleaning to be done · Throttle body to be checked for any blockage · Brakes condition and any jamming · Clutch pressure plate, release bearing & clutch cable to be inspected & replaced · Tire pressure · Depends on Road condition · Avoid heavy traffic condition

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