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Question: I have a Mahindra Bolero SDE. Recently, gear lever is swinging a lot and its really hard to slot the gear appropriately. As per roadside mechanic,it might be because of some bush depreciation in the gear lever setup. Could you please advice how much it would cost to get it replaced?

Answers: Please bring your vehicle to the nearest MFCSL workshop for necessary inspection and repairs. a) In Running Condition : If the gears are hard to shift from neutral to first when the engine is running and also from first to second or second to third while accelerating, then clutch adjustment has to be done. Since the clutch is not releasing fully when you press it and hence there’s still some pressure on the gearbox, making it difficult for you to shift gears. b) In Stationary Condition : If the lever is hard when the vehicle is stationary, replace the gear shifter assembly. Since the gear linkage mechanism is a rod type shift directly connected to the gear box, no bush is available. The approx. cost for Parts is Rs.1800 & the labor is Rs.550/-.

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