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Question: I got a Honda City zx, the car always starts at 3000 rpm and comes back to normal once it heats up. I have already cleaned that AC valve and the throttle body issue still did not resolve. Also the RPM keeps fluctuating when the AC is on, resulting in getting an average of 7 kms. I have already done a service from MFCS. What else can be done?

Answers: Please bring your car to the MFCS workshop for the mentioned problems. We will inspect the vehicle thoroughly once again. We will check the functioning of idle air control valve, the ignition coil, starter motor, solenoid switch, battery & fuel pump. Since there is a load on the engine when the AC is on, hence the rpm keeps fluctuating. Regarding your low mileage, pls check the spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, fuel injectors, recommended tire pressure, smooth shifting of gears, switch off the engine during traffic signals, etc.

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