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Question: I am interested in fitting a sequential gas kit to my skoda fabia 1.2 MPI (HTP) of 2009 model and had done about 51000km. Kindly guide me in this.

Answers: You can convert your petrol car to LPG. Pls visit an authorized LPG dealer for the same for safety purpose. Different manufacturers of these kits : Kits from various manufacturers are available in the market. Some are Indian, some Italian. The Italian ones have been used extensively in the market. Do’s & Don’ts : · Always keep minimum 5 liters of petrol in your petrol tank · If the kits are factory fitted, fire extinguisher comes with the car. When you get your LPG kit installed, pls ensure to fit your fire extinguisher accordingly. · When the pressure drops in the red zone area in the pressure gauge in fire extinguisher ,contact immediately the authorized service center for inspection & refilling. · Ensure that the Fire extinguisher is always kept at its prescribed position in the vehicle ( usually below the driver seat or co passenger seat ). · Refill the fire extinguisher immediately after use. · Fire extinguisher needs refilling after every 3 years even if it is not used. · Do not use water for cleaning fire extinguisher. (Use clean cloth for removing dust) · Do not rely on used or discharged fire extinguisher. · In case of LPG leakage, stop vehicle and switch off the engine. · Do not run vehicle even in petrol. · Emergency Numbers : Police – 100, Fire – 101, Ambulance – 102. · The LPG cylinder should not be repaired under any circumstances. · Never use LPG in CNG cylinder or vice versa. · Avoid carrying inflammable material near the cylinders. · Scrapping of LPG tank after expiry date : After emptying and purging of the tank it should be rendered unsuitable for further LPG service by mechanical crushing. · Piercing holes & cutting the body into two or more pieces · For mechanical crushing & piercing only pneumatic or hydraulic power should be used but not electrical tools. This has to be done by an authorized agency. · Once scrapped the parts may be recycled through the recycling/waste disposal system. · Expiry date is mentioned on the LPG COST : The cost of fitting a LPG Kit is approx. Rs.16k to 17k in the market which includes your equipment cost along with labor charges & RTO passing done.

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