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Question: How do you know the month and year of manufacturing date of the car

Answers: A VIN no. is basically a Chassis Number used primarily for individual identification of the vehicle. From the VIN number, you can come to know the month and year of manufacturing of the car. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. WMI : The first three characters uniquely identify the manufacturer of the vehicle using the world manufacturer identifier or WMI code. For India , it is MA – ME. VDS : The fourth through ninth digits are known as the Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS) and identify the model and the body style. The ninth digit though is almost universally used as a check digit. A check digit is a single letter or number used to verify the accuracy of the vehicle identification number transcription. VIS : The tenth through seventeenth digits are known as the Vehicle Identification Section (VIS) and identify various characteristics of the vehicle, such as the plant where it was built, its options, and in what order it came off the assembly line. The 10th character represents the YEAR of Manufacture & the 12th character represents the MONTH of Manufacture Example : The VIN code for Mahindra vehicles consists of 17 digits, which is divided mainly into 3 sections. 1. First section containing 3 digits which give details of Manufacturer code. 2. Second section containing 6 digits which give details of general characteristics of the vehicle 3. Third section containing 8 digits which give details of particular vehicle identification. . Digit 1- Continent code ( M means Asia) · Digit 2- Country code (A means India) · Digit 3- Manufacturers code for M & M (1 means Mahindra) · Digit 4,5-Vehicle code for RHD,LHD · Digit 6- 4WD or 2WD (4 means 4WD and 2 means 2WD) · Digit 7,8- Engine code (Different codes for MDI and NEF) . Digit9- Transmission code (N for NGT 530R and L for NGT530) · Digit 10- Year code (2 for 2001, 3 for 2002 and so on) · Digit 11- Plant location (1 for Kandivali, 2 for Nasik, 3 for Zaheerabad) · Digit 12- Month code (A for January, B for Feb and so on excluding I) · Digit 13-17- Vehicle Serial No.

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