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Question: Hi sir, I have Mahindra Xylo d2. I always feel that its wheels are small in size , can i replace the tyres with xylo e4 tyres. means i want to know whether i can change my tyres from 205/65r15 to 215/75r15. Please Do reply\nThank You

Answers: The Mahindra Xylo D2 vehicle produces 96.3 PS power & 220 Nm torque against Mahindra Xylo E4 113.56 PS power & 260 Nm torque. Since the E4 produces more power/torque than the D2, it has been fitted with much bigger tires to give a better road grip. Hence the size of the wheels given in Mahindra Xylo depends on the vehicle dynamics & vehicle stability. Fitting wrong tires will definitely create imbalance in the vehicle during driving – also is not safe from safety perspective.

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