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Question: Hello expert, I have a Maruti SX4 which will be completing its 4000 Km's in some time. Can you give me a list of things that needs to be changes along with its cost (labor cost inclusive) to keep my car running smoothly.

Answers: Please visit your nearest MFCS workshop for the same. The periodic maintenance service ( PMS ) at 40,000 kms as recommended by the manufacturer will be done in regular service as given below : · Replace Engine Oil ,Oil filter, Engine Coolant, Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Fuel filter. · Inspection of Cooling system hoses and leakages, Valve Clearance, Exhaust system for noise and leakage, Positive Crankcase ventilation ( hoses , connections and valves) · Inspection of Ignition wiring for damage and deterioration, Fuel tank cap, fuel lines and connections, · Replace Clutch Fluid, Brake Fluid Manual Transmission fluid, master cylinder / wheel cylinder/caliper and check for oil leakage and boot cut. · Inspection of Clutch slipping , dragging or excessive damage, all brake hoses and pipes for leakage and damage, · Check tyre pressure, crack, abnormal wear · Tyre Rotation done · Inspect Wheels for damage, front and rear wheel bearings for looseness and damage, Front and Rear suspension for oil leakage and damage, Suspension arms / Knuckle support for looseness and damage, Rear springs for damage & shock absorbers for oil leakage and damage · Tighten all bolts and nuts · Inspect Steering wheel play and looseness, · Inspect Battery electrolyte for level and leakage and top up if necessary, Wiring harnesses for looseness and connection, Lights system for operation, stains and damage, Horn operation and check system voltage, lubricate all hinges, latches and check functionality, · Tighten all Chassis bolts and nuts · Check the operation of brakes, gear shifting & speedometer · Check all belts fiord tension and adjust play if necessary, Tighten Compressor mounting bolt and check all hose joints, Check functionality of recirculating flap, · Clean Condenser with low pressure water · Check the belts for frayed edges and tighten all mounting bolts. Total consumables cost is approx. Rs.4200/- & labor cost is approx. Rs.1350 for regular service of SX4.

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