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Question: Ford Ikon 1.6EXI 05. Off late I hear a rattling sound from the wheels, mainly when driving at low rpm. It also seems the back wheels are wobbling. My hunch is that the lower arm and ball bearings are faulty, and may be the struts also. Can you please provide an estimate cost of suspension overhaul?

Answers: Please bring your vehicle to the nearest MFCSL workshop so that the problem can be inspected thoroughly & the problem rectified. The labor cost is as given below : · Both Shockers Rs.800/-, · Wheel Bearings – Rs.380 each, · Tie rod ends & ball joints – Rs. 600 for both sides, · Wheel Alignment - 350, · Bush kit Rs.385 for both sides, · Balance rod linkage Rs 400/-, · Lower arm remove and refit Rs.400 both sides · Total labor cost is approx. Rs. 3000/-.

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