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Ask our expert

What would be the cost of front suspension overhaul for the Honda City ZX vtec?

07 Oct / 11:15 / View the Answer

I am planning to purchase a used car(Ford Figo) in Bangalore. I want a thorough inspection to be done on the car and get a report. Do you have any such procedure at your service centers?

01 Oct / 22:13 / View the Answer

I have a Chevrolet Beat 2010. How much it will cost for dent repair on the fender, left panel and bonnet dent? The damage is minimal.

29 Sep / 14:46 / View the Answer

I have Santro Xing Automatic. Its Steering oil is leaking. Does it require Steering rack replacement, if yes then what would be the cost of it?

28 Sep / 18:18 / View the Answer

I have a VW Polo. I need to know the price for painting, including all scratch and bruise and dents, paid service and wheel rotation.

28 Sep / 15:17 / View the Answer