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What would be the total/net cost of 1st servicing of Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Highligne Petrol if serviced at Mahindra First Choice?
Which includes changing all necessory fluids/oils as well as filters.

27 Mar / 14:34 / View the Answer

Hi, I own a Polo 1.2 Petrol. Just 1 Year old with 9000 KM running. Do I need to do the 1st servicing now or I can wait till 15000 KM running is done. As per manufacturer's guidelines, the servicing is due on 15000 KM or 1 Year whichever is first.

26 Mar / 19:47 / View the Answer

My bolero makes the knocking noice in bonet what would be the problem an what woud it cost for clearing the same i think its from engine

25 Mar / 21:07 / View the Answer

What is labour cost for front susspenssion for mahindra scorpio and also quot the labour for rear suspenssion for scorpio ex

25 Mar / 21:06 / View the Answer

I have mahindra bolero what would be the cost for servicing
Its engine type is m2dicr of 2013 make an how much it would cost me for changing the clutch plate an pressure plate of same what is labour charges for front susspenssion

25 Mar / 21:04 / View the Answer