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Ask our expert

I want to replace the clutch of my Maruti Swift petrol. Can you tell me the over all cost?

18 Aug / 20:43 / View the Answer

What is a total car repairing charges for a 2001 Fiat Palio. It has the following problems:
1- Engine heating
2- Not able to take load
3- It touches the ground at speed bumps.

17 Aug / 11:45 / View the Answer

I own a 1998 model Maruti 800. After running 2 to 3 kilometers my car starts jerking. If I switch on the cars A/c then the jerking starts just after running 1 kilometer. Please help.

16 Aug / 12:44 / View the Answer

Hi My swift AC giving foul smell because of Rats. How much it costs to clean AC blower and putting Ratmesh permanently?

14 Aug / 15:07 / View the Answer

What is the service charge for Hyundai Accent 2004 AC cleaning and refilling?

13 Aug / 08:57 / View the Answer