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I have a Maruti ALTO std car. The oil is leaking from the gear box drop by drop since one or two months. I checked with the local garage workshop. They said the gear box outer cover is welded and the oil is leaking from the same. Can you please let me know the cost of gear box outer box or cover?

18 May / 11:45 / View the Answer

Santro xing xp. I want -
Full interior cleaning
Exterior wash
Thorough checkup and servicing of vehicle incl clutch, brakes and changing engine oil, and topping up coolants and other oils as required, cleaning the ac filters, etc
Can you please suggest a quote for a comprehensive checkup? Thanks.

18 May / 00:15 / View the Answer

HI Team,
I have developed rusts on my mahindra scorpio body, and have a particular area ,thats the area on the inner
area of the car at the bottom where door closes has a hole formed due to the rust. Please suggest how can i cove this up

13 May / 02:05 / View the Answer

i have a chevrolet spark 2008 model. i was told that there is a hole in the silencer assembly and need to be replaced in full. also the gears doesnt slot into the groove clearly. what should be done? i also need to refill AC gas. how much would the spares cost with labor?

12 May / 00:02 / View the Answer