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I have polo diesel in which the clutch is hard, the car is not going into Gears below neutral(2,4) and the ac blower is making a lot of noise. What work do u suggest is to be put in and how much would it cost?

13 May / 20:54 / View the Answer

i have a honda accord 2003 automatic model. the exhaust of the car is showing white smoke when the car is on road for a while but it stops within minutes. the smoke disappears after few minutes. what should i do or get changed? can you help with that? if yes, how much will it cost

09 May / 23:40 / View the Answer

Why Maruti Ritz clutch become hard to press. Our leg starts paining. Maruti dealers does not listen to complaints. They say it is like this only in all cars. I have converted Ritz LXI to CNG. Some people say that Ritz does not have hydraulic system for clutch where as Swift and Dzire has hydraulics.

29 Apr / 18:40 / View the Answer

Hi.. I ve an used accent. Bought it 2 years back. Off late, I can hear some sounds from the a/c vents whenever i switch on the a/c. It is like as if a fan runs and stops, and keeps on happening the whole time i use the a/c. What could be the problem, and how much it may cost me get it right??

27 Apr / 14:43 / View the Answer

I own XUV 5OO W8, 2WD, around 2 years old & 19800kms is yielding a mileage of 8.18kmpl with A/C in city limits. Is this normal???

26 Apr / 17:34 / View the Answer