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I have Fiat Palio, 1.2 ELX, Petrol, Make 2003. When I switch on the Air Conditioner then Horn Stops working after some time.When I Swtich ON the blower while keeping Air Condition Off, then Car rpm goes down for a second and then increases.

18 Jul / 18:10 / View the Answer

Hi, my Skoda Dania's Ac is randomly switching on and off.please let me know what could be repair cost. also let me know if there is. Pick up service offered by your service center in navi Mumbai location.

16 Jul / 17:36 / View the Answer

Hi i have a scorpio slx 2.6 - 2006 model vehicle.yesterday i locked my car with the remote,but after some time when i tried to unlock it using the remote it didn't work.The car immobilization has activated. what should i do to unlock my car, and start the engine.Bharath.K.M

16 Jul / 15:13 / View the Answer

Hi, I am using Maruti Swift (Petrol), 2008 model, Chennai. I am getting noise from my Car AC. My mechanic asked me to change AC Compressor. Can you tell me what would be the cost of changing. Or do I have any choice of repairing my existing compressor.

12 Jul / 12:31 / View the Answer

I have TATA Indica V2 Petrol 2005 model.I am looking for Petrol Tank for replacing existing.kindly help me with this

09 Jul / 10:52 / View the Answer