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Hi, I have a Indica v2 gls 2006 model recently the engine seems to be accelerating even when I press the clutch peddle. What could be the reason?

14 Apr / 23:48 / View the Answer

I have a Ford Figo 1.4 LXI 55000 KMS done, I need to change the rear wheel bearings could you please advise of the approximate cost to get both the wheel bearings changed?

14 Apr / 15:27 / View the Answer

I own a Toyota corolla 2006 model. The steering vibrates at 80km/hr. What could be the issue?

13 Apr / 20:44 / View the Answer

Hi, I have Lancer 2004 model. I bought it as a second hand car. There are lot of noises in the car, whenever I turn the car I hear a noise in the tyre section and whenever my car shakes I can hear noise from the shock absorbs. Can i make my car noise free. What will be the cost for doing so?

13 Apr / 16:01 / View the Answer

I have Fiat linea TJet model 2010. I get an error message " Air Bag failure" whenever I start the car. What could be the reason.

25 Mar / 16:58 / View the Answer